"....unique approach...truly amazing!"
~Dr. Woody Oakes,
The Profitable Dentist
"In the last three months...we have averaged 358 new patients a month and with a 91% conversion rate."
~Dr. Michael Abernathy, Texas

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~Greg Stanley,
Whitehall Management
"Our  new patient baseline was 23.  After learning this, we reached 56 new patients! "
~Dr. John Scherer, Michigan

"We have more than doubled our monthly new patient average from 16 to 33! This is without any additional marketing efforts."
~Sheri Carrell, Office Manager,
Dr. Bohnert & Shorey, Indiana

"BINGO!  We are now seeing an average of 175 new patients per month...up from 150."
~Dr. Roger Abbott, Georgia

"This has been actually a mini miracle in my life.  I’ve increased my new patients effortlessly by approximately 25 to 30% after learning this secret.  I was averaging 35 to 40 new patients a month and now I see about 65 or 70 patients."
~Dr. Larry Kaplan, New Jersey

"Sometimes the simplest and most obvious things tend to be overlooked, when in fact, they are the best.  This has changed our practice." 
~Dr. Ginger Bratzel, New Mexico
"Our productivity has been amazing!  We have met our new patient goal for the last three months and we just can’t get over the excitement!"
~Denise Clemente,
Dr. James Diamond, Arizona
"This has increased our monthly new patients from the high 50’s into the 80’s."
~Cynthia Barton,
Dr. Thomas Novak, Texas

"After just a few months of training we were 16%above our new patient goal. Our office sees a high volume of patients and has been a successful practice. We didn’t think there was much room for improvement.    Our morale has increased along with our pocketbooks."
~Dr. Jesse Schroeder, Texas

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